American Express  |  Social Activation: Open Like a Pro  |  2016

Pros do things differently.

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Social Videos

Early A.M. Serve :10

Open on Venus Williams standing at a kitchen counter with a glass, a large orange, and a blender. Venus picks up the orange. Completely ignoring the blender, she squeezes the orange with her bare hand and fills up the glass with juice. She then calmly picks up the glass and walks off.

Inhale, Exhale :10

Open on small colorful streamers on blowing from a wall fan: flowing up and down to a calming rhythm. Cut wide to see Venus in lotus position and the intake and outake of her nostril breathing is powering the dance of the streamers.
Eyes on the Price :10

Open with a close up on Venus’ eye movement. Her eyes go left to right as if her eyes are locked to the opponents ball in the tennis court. Camera zooms out to reveal  her choosing what she’ll wear at the U.S. Open.
Foot Work :10

We open tight on Venus’ shoulders moving left to right. We see his sweaty brow. She’s moving fast and furious. Concentrating on his footwork. She looks up to camera and we see a smile. We reveal that what has been playing in his headphones is salsa. Cut to his feet and we reveal a salsa dance diagram.

Opening Cards Concepts

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