The Mobile Movement

AT&T’s Net Promoter Score was really low, so we created an experiment to see if social content influenced the perception of how people felt about AT&T.

We showcased that AT&T knows what it means to be a Hispanic Millennial, playing with the duality between the two different worlds and cultures. AT&T, in partnership with Vice, enabled young Americans’ “always-on” lifestyles with a new platform calling it The Mobile Movement which created a connection to its customers through culturally relevant content.

“SO attached to their cellphones are 18- to 24-year-olds that 61 percent of them sleep next to their devices, compared with just 22 percent of cellphone owners over 65 who do so, according to the Pew Research Center. While that might depress those who yearn for simpler times, such devotion delights AT&T, and now the phone carrier is introducing a major effort that highlights how connected young Americans are to their devices.

AT&T has hired Vice Media, the chronicler of youth culture, to produce a video and advertising platform, the Mobile Movement. So far Vice has produced about 15 documentary videos with young people in six cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Austin, Tex. In the videos, which are beginning to appear on a Tumblr page and YouTube channel, interviewees discuss their creative pursuits and dating, sometimes answering specific questions about their connections to their phones but more often mentioning the devices only incidentally if at all.”

-New York Times

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